Helping People Achieve Personal Independance

Patricia Zerman

For over twenty years, the Atlanta Awareness Center has successfully provided counseling and experienced-based classes that deal with depression, fear, relationships, anxiety, anger, panic, divorce, guilt and other emotional pitfalls. For individuals serious about living better these results allow you to realize hidden potential through Self-knowledge.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for learning "how to" achieve personal independence from the drudgery of patterned beliefs, judgments, habits and reaction to others.

Risk, Risk, Risk, Risk!

The courses and counseling teach participants to risk putting into practice practical everyday tools allowing them to effectively deal head-on with assorted issues and problems. Chipping away and dissolving conditioning, exchanging a habitual way of living for something NEW.

Had Enough? Take action by probing deeply into feelings and exploring ineffective concepts. With Pat's guidance as a proven therapist, learn to take responsibility for your life, eliminate blame, feel your feelings, forgive, let go and move on.

"On my journey to self-discovery, I was told what I needed to do. The Center 'showed me HOW to do it'. Each class was taught with care and compassion. The results speak for themselves!" (L.E., RN - Marietta, GA)

The catalysts of parental alcoholism and emotional abandonment, murder and losing a sibling to AIDS inspired the foundation of The Awareness Center. The emotional upheaval from these experiences turned pain into understanding allowing Pat to gain tremendous insight. Through this Pat developed and assimilated tools and techniques making a commitment to share those discoveries. "Life presents challenges... our work is to have the courage and will power to walk through them."

Resolve Anger and Resentment!

Utilizing her life experience, Master's Degree and Professsional Counseling License, Pat offers a specialized form of teaching that gets to core issues quickly, eliminating years of therapy or counseling.

Boldly challenging the norm, Pat shocks people by teaching them they must come first in their lives, and why... stressing what she terms "Selfishness with a capital S". She teaches the importance of leaving the past behind, learning to live right now and to stop projecting into the future.

To eliminate Self-Avoidance, Pat uses a no-nonsense action oriented approach... mixing piercing discernment with forthright honesty, earning her the apt title "The Laser Lady".

As clients attest however, behind her resolute exterior is a heart filled with unwavering love and compassion. She believes everyone deserves liberty, freedom and independence. The results speak for themselves.

When you are tired of the old, and ready for the new...
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